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Thais Derich

What does marketing inspire in you?
The word “marketing” inspires many different meanings for people. It has taken me years to understand that marketing is not about the end result, but rather about building sincere relationships that facilitate inspiration, empowerment and growth for all involved.
Marketing is a relationship that starts with you and how you treat yourself, your team and customers. Building a business from your passion is not an easy task. It requires a tribe of many to make it happen; YOU, Your TEAM, and Your CUSTOMERS.

There’s a lot of noise out there.

How you listen, receive and interact with yourself, employees, and customers defines how your passion and uniqueness carry through, on a path of long term growth or slow slumber. Spending the time to define, map and act on your unique essence enables all in your organization to have a cohesive consistent source they can tap into for inspiration, direction, and meaning.

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